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Message started by Rob on 03/16/09 at 13:59:57

Title: Questions For Kevin
Post by Rob on 03/16/09 at 13:59:57

As stated on the news page, and in our e-mail blast, Kevin is allowing fans to submit questions for answering. Please post any questions you would like to ask Kevin here. When requested by Lucky Pierre Music, we'll send over your questions for consideration/answering. Obviously, we don't know which questions will get answered, or when we'll get the answers back, so keep that in mind.

I strongly suggest every fan take advantage of this chance. It's not very often that Kevin opens up communication like this, and who knows if/when he'll do it again. So, get your thinking caps on and start posting those questions!


Title: Re: Questions For Kevin
Post by mnelson220 on 03/16/09 at 15:14:40

Being that you are no longer with the record labels and that Trent is doing the same thing now that he is no longer signed.  Is there any possibility that you and Trent will together again?  Do you two still talk?

Title: Re: Questions For Kevin
Post by resurrected21 on 03/16/09 at 15:43:06

A few years ago you collaborated/produced the "Yeah" EP with your brother Brian.. Has there been any further collaboration since then?

Title: Re: Questions For Kevin
Post by resurrected21 on 03/16/09 at 15:45:19

You released "Fool's Gold" from your project Fear of Blue in the early 90's...  Pip Johnson was featured on that track.  Was this just a one time thing or is she featured prominently on other tracks?

Title: Re: Questions For Kevin
Post by resurrected21 on 03/16/09 at 15:49:56

Other than the fact that it's a basic necessity, how has cooking played a part in your life in recent years? Any favorite recipes? I know there was rumor of some sort of cooking show in the 90's..  

"Two 303 size cans of tomatoes
Some fresh ground oregano americano
A cup of pinto or kidney or black beans
Get it simmering
And then you've got it, man
You've got it, man"

Title: Re: Questions For Kevin
Post by sweetface on 03/16/09 at 18:43:08

Hey Kevin, Sweetface here,  you sound happy and creative and thats great for us...! any plans for some shows this summer?  the  guys have contact info for me if ya wanna catch up...listened to couple of new songs and sounds in touch?  dd

Title: Re: Questions For Kevin
Post by Abnormal Freak on 03/16/09 at 20:09:37

A few questions:

First, one you likely hear a lot: Will the previous vinyl-only Lucky Pierre material (singles, the Communiqué EP) ever see a release on a CD compilation of sorts?

Two: What did you do to develop your scream? Comparing the Communiqué EP and Prick versions of "Tough", the intensity of the scream in the latter is quite a difference from the former. I sing a lot myself, not professionally, never been trained either, but I do all right but have never been able to yell/scream/shout without straining my vocal cords or sounding like a wimp. What did you do to develop your screaming voice, and what can you suggest I or others could do?

Three: Have you ever heard the band Sparks? They strike me as similar to you and your work: Americans whose music and vocals sound rather British, who create really inventive and unconventional pop music with a lot of wit in the lyrics. If you haven't heard 'em, I suggest their '74 album Kimono My House.

Thanks, Kevin. :) You're a god among pop/rock/everything songwriters.

Title: Re: Questions For Kevin
Post by Anouk_J on 03/16/09 at 22:14:31

hi there,

(i'm currently carrying out a research about the animal and devil theme throughout history of music; no time limit)

how did the idea of "Animal" occured (lyrically, musically, ideologically,..)?

par avance, merci

Title: Re: Questions For Kevin
Post by TV on 03/16/09 at 23:59:08

Wow! Questions for Kevin McMahon! Thanks guys for working this out guys and keeping the site going!

1. Can you give us any insight into how you articulate the themes/stories you tell thru song sequencing and genre blending? how the music physically articulates these attitudes, thinking about genre contrast, music/song references to other songs?

You have a great sense of humor. Could you talk a little about how you layer levels of meaning and connotations? how lyrics directly intersect with the music and song sequencing to make connotations?

To be clear, I noticed the following, so you know what I've been thinking about.

2. A few times you refer to other songs, by design or coincidence I don't know. For example, in "Johnny Goes To Paris" the bass breakdown is similar to like The Beatles' "Here Comes The Sun" (at :24, :52, etc.) Is this a coincidence? or do you, with forethought, decide to refer to another song? does it happen unconsciously and you decide where to place the reference, keep, drop or change it? With this in mind, how do you think referring to other songs should function in music generally? (I do it in my songs too, sometimes. Usually it's unconscious and later on I decide exactly how I want to stage it.)

2. You blend genres and refer to genres in your songs. The first half of ThinKing falls into what I call "bubblegum industrial" and I don't mean that in a derogatory way at all. I think there was a promoted idea that "industrial" should be "tough" (I think someone wrote a song about it! jaja) and "edgy." Your songs are accessible, are in no way cheesy, and musically rich enough to interest music aficionados. But, I can well imagine teen girls enjoying these songs, as well. Was this intentional? To show "industrial" doesn't have to be that brand of "tough" and still be effective. Did you try to design a mood that is literally more appropriate to the perceived market-target audience ironically? Could you talk a little bit about that?

How do does your lyrical content, often preoccupied with both youth and aging (more interesting because songs written in your youth do this too) intersect with the music itself? Do you give that much thought?

On ThinKing's second half, you give us "Johnny", "Attitude", "Come To Bed" and "Cosmic Kids" in succession. To be simple one might group them roughly: ska (because of the guitar's up-picking), country rock, pop industrial and guitar ballad, though all have subtle meta-references to other genres so they aren't completely genre specific.

Question: did you sequence the songs to showcase your versatility (you said record companies insist on an artist being specifically --and stiflingly-- branded) to make a critical musical statement? For example, "Johnny" and "Attitude" precede an industrial song that seems to mock (or make a caricature of) certain industrial luminaries and the general triteness we hear in much industrial. In "Come To Bed" do the references to bondage, funky auto wah bassline, throaty/faux sexy vocals directly contrast the funny and yet personal-seeming narrative in "Attitude" about family? (Especially funny, too, because it's "family" and "family comes from the bedroom"). Both are followed up by "Cosmic Kids" a song about the aged, which apparently you wrote when you were quite young? I'm interested the statement the songs' sequencing makes and the different levels of connotation you employ lyrically and thru genre contrast. Could you talk a little about that?

This is quite long, I realize. But if my observations make it to you, I appreciate any commentary you are willing to give. I started writing music around when I heard Prick, and you're the only "new band" from my youth I still regularly listen to. I play music full time and you were a big influence there. In fact, I was just kicked out of a popular band because the crowd liked me too much! You've consistently updated what is musically relevant to culture and I only wish we could have heard more along the way!

Thanks :-)

Title: Re: Questions For Kevin
Post by todd on 03/17/09 at 12:27:07

1.  What's your day job?   i.e. what do you do when you aren't writing and recording?

2.  Do you have a rough estimate of when the new website will be up and running?  I can't wait to buy some new merch, especially the new music.  I didn't realize it was so difficult to come by The Wreckard and ThinKing.  I'm glad I bought them when you first put them out.

Thanks for your time!

Title: Re: Questions For Kevin
Post by jonus on 03/18/09 at 02:22:24

First off thanks for the great artistic talent you have shared with us!  
Just curious if you will be performing any live shows in the near future? And if so, will they be posted on the luckypierremusic website??
"Don't Say Maybe" is great, can't wait to hear more.

Title: Re: Questions For Kevin
Post by megaera on 03/19/09 at 03:43:44

years ago, just before NIN released The Fragile, the NIN website was periodically updated with comments/photos from them in the studio. One day, there was a comment about them blasting the new Prick record in the studio. It was years later when The Wreckard was released. was there material being prepared for release between the self-titled album and Wreckard, or was an early form of Wreckard most likely what they were referring to?

also, did you ever participate in the Tapeworm group and is there any chance of any of that getting out? it annoys me to no end that those songs have never been released, no matter how rough they may have been, and i was encouraged when A Perfect Circle released their take on one of those Tapeworm songs, "Vacant." If you did participate, it would certainly be interesting to hear your tangent on that material.

can't wait to hear the material released through your upcoming website, terrific concept!

Title: Re: Questions For Kevin
Post by rsowen on 03/19/09 at 21:40:13

I get the impression Kevin's music is very dear to him and that the industry represents a threat to the integrity of this music, and as a consequence his output has been suffocated, possibly as a protective reaction.  Does his motivation to release music in the post-nothing records era have much to do with the recognition of his uniquely dedicated, insular fan base, and a desire to share with them, and only them, this music which he's guarded so personally over time?

Title: Re: Questions For Kevin
Post by Perka on 03/26/09 at 01:17:58

Have you ever played a show in Sweden? Any plans to come over here in the future? Or even Europe in general? I would absolutely love to see your show.

Title: Re: Questions For Kevin
Post by Maury on 03/27/09 at 00:24:20

hey my girlfriend's in sweden right now, she's doing a vintage clothing show in stockholm tomorrow :D

okay i have a question:

Why the pseudonyms? I understand the statements as they have been made, the different styles and meanings that come with each one, but does it have any actual benefit? The fans are going to want to listen no matter what you're called, and the rest of the world can't be bothered to keep up. Why not make it easier for all parties to explore the music without constantly seeking.

There is something to be said for not selling out, but there is also something to be said for making enough of a living from music that you can spend your time focusing on producing it instead of surviving through other means. That is, assuming you want to spend your time that way, perhaps that's not the case.
Thanks, I'll take my answer off the air Diane (NPR joke).

Title: Re: Questions For Kevin
Post by Out on 04/01/09 at 16:00:23

For the amount of songs you're written and the amount of songs you've released ( there is a large divide.  What is the reason for your, if I may, reluctance to release music?

Title: Re: Questions For Kevin
Post by Jay on 04/07/09 at 09:54:24

1. Hi Kevin, you seem to make under the radar appearances on quite a few albums. Most of the ones your online fanbase have come across make sense being from certain people or maybe a certain frame of time but there seem to be exceptions. Is there anything you would like to admit having a hand in lately or have you just been playing around by your lonesome or in some non-musical state?

2. Going back to the "exceptions" of the first question. Is there any actual story as to why Becky Barksdale chose two songs that are credited to you on her albums? The Texas blues circuit is kind of an odd place for your name to pop up from what we know. How about Rachel Haden and Rae Di Leo, was that just brought on by auditions and location?

I have others but I need to get to work so I'll update it later.

Title: Re: Questions For Kevin
Post by AVENPITCH on 06/29/09 at 16:11:35

How did you decide what Lucky Pierre tracks made the Lucky Pierre compilation?  Will there be a Volume 2 at some point?

Why resequence ThinKing and drop the "LuckyPierre" moniker?

What's with the gaps in the numbering system?  LPM001, LPM002, ---, LPM004, LPM005, LPM006, LPM007, ---, LPM009

Title: Re: Questions For Kevin
Post by Abnormal Freak on 06/29/09 at 16:31:52

On the website it still lists ThinKing as a Lucky Pierre album, on this page ( and also the individual page for the CD.

Another question for Kevin: What do you plan for the future of purchasable downloads on Seeing that you're offering individual tracks from the new Lucky Pierre compilation in high quality makes me hope you'll release rare, unreleased tracks, too. Preferably, I'd like to have these in a CD compilation (most preferred) or an album download, but having them offered up track-by-track as they're finished or made available would be cool, too--if feasible.

Title: Re: Questions For Kevin
Post by Perka on 07/22/09 at 13:00:35

When listening to different recordings and live performances of some of your songs, the lyrics sometimes changes. Could you talk a little about that please?

I know people who are very annoyed about that sort of thing but I don't have a problem with it. Even if words change the sound doesn't and the melody doesn't have to either. After all, they're your songs and noone has the right to question how you sing them. I'm just curious as to what brings about the changes, is it a spur of the moment kind of thing or a conscious attempt to convey a thought/emotion in a different way or a different thought/emotion altogether?

Sidenote: I'm Swedish so English isn't my native language. Not only do I have to get my thoughts down on paper, I have to translate them too, so please forgive me if I sound vague or incoherent. I hope my questions make sense.

LOVE the new releases, keep 'em coming and I'll keep buying 'em!

Title: Re: Questions For Kevin
Post by Rob on 08/10/09 at 12:57:21

Keep the questions coming, guys. With the new CDs out there and in the fans hands, there must be some questiosn that have yet to be asked.

Also, we've NOT forgotten about the Interview. We're just waiting for a go ahead on Part 2. As soon as we have the OK, we'll post what they send over to us.

Title: Re: Questions For Kevin
Post by Wspiral on 08/25/09 at 20:00:56

Thanks for making great music. I hate to be the asshole to ask this question. But, do you plan on releasing any new/ current music in the near future?

Title: Re: Questions For Kevin
Post by Nameless Person on 08/26/09 at 03:30:56

^How does asking for more releases make you an asshole? It should show Kevin that interest in more material exists and, if anything, he should consider it a compliment.

This would also be my question, by the way. How about the rest of the Lucky Pierre material that remains unavailable?

Title: Re: Questions For Kevin
Post by P. Barbieri on 09/03/09 at 17:34:25

(The first questions has been asked already, but I felt like going a bit deeper with it. If you guys think it's too big but decide for it, you can just take the first paragraph.)

1) What can you tell us about the new tracklist order on ThinKing? Does it reflects a new approach (or even: understanding) on the whole thematic and somehow you thought it articuled better with how you consider it from your nowadays perspective and take on life? Or maybe you just thought it sounded better this way, without any compromise towards concepts or any chronological aspects.
Since I try to delve into most albums concepts (if they don't have one, I establish one: like an encounter between self and author through art), I never thought the songs to be interchangeable, chronogically that is. That's why I'm interested in this basically. Hope you don't find it to be pure pedantry on my part.
I haven't heard the re-release as of yet (though I have ordered), but just imagining She Wasn't Good into Beggining into Automatic, to me at least, gives an entire new meaning (and makes a lot more sense, actually).
(Actually, this is something we've already seen. The Prick Promo CS had different tracklist order from the actual debut. Maybe it was a different issue, but I thought it was something interesting to bring up.)
All things considered, I'd like to know if there's any specific reason behind this tracklist changes.

2) Any non-McMahon/Lucky Pierre-related acts that you've been listening to a lot lately and would like to share? Besides music, do you have any other artistic interests?

Title: Re: Questions For Kevin
Post by AVENPITCH on 12/09/09 at 13:54:53

Regarding ThinKing...

Who is Fred Maher and how did he get involved with him?  

Could you go into detail regarding the writing and recording of "Cloud" (that's an amazing track!)?


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