9.1.07, 6:41pm
luckyPRICK Interview With Chris Schleyer!

Recently, our resident interviewer, Todd, got a chance to exchange e-mails with Chris Schleyer. Chris was the guitar player for Prick in the 90's, and his guitar work has show up recently on Lucky Pierre's 2004 release "ThinKing". Chris has also played with the Kidney Thievez, Zeromancer, and recently he's started his own studio project, Affected.

Check out the interview in the Prick section of the site to see what Chris has to say. Also, don't forget to join in on the discussion on the forums!

- Rob
The luckyPRICK team.

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Sweet interview
By Out, 9.2.07 3:16am
Very interesting that Prick was almost called Lucky Pierre!
By Arnie, 9.1.07 7:23pm

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