2.19.08, 9:45pm
Various Site Updates

Hey everyone! Just wanted to drop a line and point out that we've made a few updates here & there throughout the site. We got a nice review of Lucky Pierre's "Communique" EP up, some additional Lucky Pierre show dates from 1980 & 1984, and some more Broken Man live info. We also added a couple of Exotic Birds show dates, and we have a Holy Cows interview from 1987/1988 coming up.

If you weren't aware, for some of the shows (unfortunately, not all) you can click on them and find additional info, review, setlists, line-ups and even advertisements & live photos. If you haven't been looking into the "Shows" sections on here, you really should take some time and do so. There's a goldmine of great info just waiting to be absorbed & contributed to.

- Rob
The luckyPRICK team.

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