5.1.08, 7:29pm
Happy Birthday To Us!

It's hard to believe, but the site has turned 1 year old today, and we're still going strong. Thanks are due to all the fans who have helped us along the way, and to everyone on the forums who are trying to keep this place alive and kickin'!

- Rob
The luckyPRICK team.

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Send an e-mail to guys@luckyprick.net with your issue and the e-mail address you're trying to register. We'll look into it.
By Rob, 6.12.08 8:06am
Hey, I know it's weird to comment you here...but I tried registering on the forum.. it gave me an email but when I click on the activation link it just goes to a blank window. Do you know what's wrong? :(
By pike, 6.11.08 5:01am

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