8.27.08, 1:37pm
"New" Interviews Added To The Site

We've just transcribed two interviews to add to the site. The first is an interview with The Holy Cows. We got a photocopy of the interview from the wonderful Jim Clevo. Not sure what publication it's from, or when it's from exactly (1987-1989), but it's a great read just the same! Check it out HERE.

The second interview is with Kevin McMahon from September of 1995. It was published in a local Cleveland rag, PM Magazine, where Kevin/Prick was the cover story. You can check out that gem HERE.

Things have been slow around here, but rest assured, we're doing everything we can to bring you as much information as possible.

- Rob
The luckyPRICK team.

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Awesome find on that Kevin interview!
By Todd, 8.28.08 9:38am
wow that was weird... i just came here and saw the last update was on 5.1.08 then hit refresh and 2 new interviews appeared! ;)
By Ujn Hunter, 8.27.08 1:40pm

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