6.21.09, 4:21pm

Wow. This is the moment we've all been waiting for, people. Kevin has gone live with an extensive new website and a fully laden online store where you can purchase music (both physical + digital) and a heap of merch:

Lucky Pierre Music

Why are you still reading this? Hit that link and get stuck in!

- Caspar
The luckyPRICK team.

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Finally! There is a God! :)
By Travis, 7.16.09 8:36pm
Tried the music out more, not sure about the wreckard remaster yet, it's very bassy on some songs. The Lucky Pierre 80s stuff is really good, I'm suprised. Not sure about Fear of Blue, it hasn't struck my fancy yet. But (sic) and Prick Live are Incredible of course, can't stop listening. Especially cool invaders!
By Nathan, 7.5.09 11:46am
Got the 6 cd set, I had to have that live Prick cd, it's really great too. I actually like a lot of the live renditions of wreckard songs better than the album cuts, like wetcat for example, I can tell what he's singing about now. (sic) is also very good, took me a few listens but I really like it especially the song Cool Invaders, still confused why he didn't call this a Prick EP it's got most of the same band. Anyways, Good job Kevin, I've been waiting for more music and here it is, I've been a fan since the self titled album, never stop making your great music!
By Nathan, 7.4.09 8:41pm
Best news I've heard in a long time! I went and purchased the 6 cd set as soon as I read the email this morning! :)
By Ujn Hunter, 6.25.09 2:43pm
By Andrew Dewar, 6.23.09 7:18pm

I just came a little. This is so awesome!
By danny, 6.22.09 5:31pm
This is so amazing. The material is just amazing. Kevin McMahon amazes me so much !!! :D
By Idlewoodarian, 6.21.09 7:48pm

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