6.1.07, 2:51pm
luckyPRICK Interviews Tom Lash !

Tom Lash was kind enough to set aside some time recently to participate in an e-mail interview, where he speaks to us about the origins of Lucky Pierre, his work in Prick, and his own project Hot Tin Roof. Tom's an amazingly great guy, and we're very happy to have had this opportunity.

You can check out the interview by Clicking Here.

- Rob
The luckyPRICK team.

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Nice! That was an interesting read.
By PimPamPet, 6.7.07 3:23am
Great interview, thanks a lot for it. It seems like Tom has always been open and willing to share.
By Out, 6.3.07 8:51pm
This was a great interview. I think that it was very gracious of Tom to do the interview. The site is looking great!! Keep up the good work.
By Barb, 6.3.07 1:59am
Very nice.
By Will, 6.2.07 2:21am

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