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Message started by Rob on 09/10/08 at 14:11:22

Title: The Kevin McMahon Timeline
Post by Rob on 09/10/08 at 14:11:22

Hey Everyone,

Know it's been quiet around here. I've been working on putting together a Kevin McMahon timeline based on all the bits of information I've been able to get out of various magazines, internet rumors/postings, etc.

I'd really appreciate it if you guys would check out what I've got, discuss possible corrections & certainly contribute any additions!

Here goes nothin'...

1953 - September 21st, Kevin Michael McMahon is born.

1972 - Kevin starts his first band, My Stars. Nothing is known about the project/line-up.

1973 - Kevin records at the Cleveland Recording Company. 2 known songs recorded were "I'm So Tough" and "Fans & Cameras". At least 1 vinyl acetate is cut.

1974 - My Stars name is dropped in favor of Cats On Holiday. The band consists of: John Guiciard (Guitar), Craig Bell (Bass), Brian Dempsey (Drums) & Kevin.

1975 - Craig Bell leaves the band and is replaced by Denis DeVito (Bass). Band name is changed to Lucky Pierre. The band is now: Brian Dempsey (Drums), John Guiciardo (Guitar), Denis Devito (Bass) & Kevin.

1976 - Brian Dempsey leaves/is replaced by Gary Shay (Drums).

1977 - The band records with Gary Shay, creating what is ultimately known as "The Gary Shay Demos".
1977 - Gary Shay leaves/is replaced by Brian Dempsey (Drums).
1977 - Kevin sends out promo cassettes to college radio, meeting & befriending Tom Lash in the process. Tapes were a "My Stars Production".

1978 - Brian Dempsey leaves/is replaced by Gary Shay (Drums). Tom Lash (Bass) & Tom Miller (Keyboards) added to the band.
1978 - "My Analyst Says" video recorded at the Phantasy Nite Club. Video was used to promote the band's gigs & was aired on local cable TV.
1978 - November, Lucky Pierre's "Fans & Cameras" vinyl 7" single is released on Unadulterated Records. Includes a lyric insert for the B-side, "Idlewood".

1979 - Tom Miller, John Guiciardo & Gary Shay leave Lucky Pierre. Dave Zima answers an advert and auditions for the part of drummer and gets it. Lucky Pierre is now: Tom Lash (Bass), Denis Devito (Guitar), Dave Zima (Drums) & Kevin McMahon.
1979 - Lucky Pierre's "Fans & Cameras" vinyl 7" single reissued with a different sleeve. The lyric insert is not included.
1979 - Lucky Pierre enters the studio and records 3 songs for a Promo cassette.

1980 - Lucky Pierre plays live on the WMMS Coffebreak radio program. Performance takes place at The Pirate's Cove.
1980 - "Into My Arms" vinyl 7" single is released on Unadulterated Records. Roger Von Golling designs the cover art (this being his first for Lucky Pierre's album art).

1981 - Lucky Pierre's "Stetson's" vinyl 7" single is released on Unadulterated Records.
1981 - Kevin interviews in CLE Magazine # 3B. A live version of "I'm So Tough" appears on the magazine's accompanying Flexi.
1981 - The Monitors' "Trouble" vinyl 7" single is released on Boo-Wit Records. Kevin produced it, and played some instrumentation on it, although he's only credited as a Producer.

1982 - Lucky Pierre plys a 1 hour concert for airing on Cox Cable local access at the Phantasy Nite Club. The concert airing is followed by band interviews.

1983 - Lucky Pierre's "Cool Summer Nights" vinyl 7" single released on Unadulterated Records. Vinyl is transparent blue, setting this apart from previous singles which were pressed on black vinyl.
1983 - The Leisure Set's "Eddie & His New Girlfriend" vinyl 7" single released on Banana Records. Kevin produces the single.
1983 - Kevin joins one-off project The Pyramid Club, who plays 2 shows; October 31st @ the Pop Shop & December 31st @ The Phantasy Nite Club (as The Neo-Pyramid Club).
1983 - Denis DeVito leaves Lucky Pierre. Tom Jares (Guitar) is brought in to replace him.

1984 - Lucky Pierre's "Communique" vinyl 7" single released. The recording session occured in Tom Lash's living room. Instruments included pots & pans and other found items. Single limited to 100 copies and sent to radio stations for promotion. Was not sold commercially.
1984 - Lucky Pierre's "Muchacha Latina Today" vinyl 7" single released on Banana Records. Limited to 500 copies. Most sleeves were hand colored, and designs vary.
1984 - Butterfield 8's "I Just Came To Dance" vinyl 7" single released on Banana Records. Kevin provided Backing Vocals on the B-Side, "Matter Of Fact".
1984 - Tom Jares and Dave Zima leave Lucky Pierre. Al McGinty (Drums), Steve Frieg (Saxophone) & Laura Dumm (Backing Vocals) join Lucky Pierre. Denis DeVito comes back to reprise his role as Guitar player.
1984 - The "Alone In A Crowd" compilation 12" vinyl LP is released. Kevin plays synthesizer on Laura Dumm's track "Romantic Lies".

1985 - Butterfield 8's "Just Listen" 12" vinyl EP is released on Banana Records. Kevin produces the EP.
1985 - Lucky Pierre plays it's "final" shows in May, then disbands.
1985 - Kevin moves to San Francisco.

1986 - Kevin records the soundtrack to "The Video Dead" with past Lucky Pierre alumn.

1987 - "The Video Dead" movie is released direct to video. A soundtrack album is not released.
1987 - Kevin begins to record the Communique EP, and works with old bandmates Dave Zima & Tom Lash. Also contributing is a friend of Lash's, Trent Reznor.

1988 - Kevin moves back to Lakewood & assembles a new Lucky Pierre: Tom Lash (Bass), Trent Reznor (Keyboards), Dave Zima (Drums), Rick Christyson (Guitar) & Kevin.
1988 - Lucky Pierre's "Communique" 12" vinyl EP is released on Banana Records. It is the only 12" record/EP Lucky Pierre ever released.
1988 - While in Ohio, Kevin puts together a new Project called Broken Man: Paul Kompier (Bass), Eric Herrmann (Drums), Keith Pickering (Guitar) & Kevin. Paul, Eric & Keith made up the Ohio band The Holy Cows.
1988 - July 29th, Broken Man play their first show.
1988 - July/August, Broken Man records at GreatTracks, engineered by Trent Reznor. Details of the recording session are unknown.
1988 - Broken Man plays a second show and then is put on hiatus.
1988 - Kevin moves back to San Francisco.

1989 - Kevin records at Rae DiLeo's studio, thus meeting Rae & forming a friendship with him.

1990 - Kevin records 9 tracks @ Rae DiLeo's studio, creating what is ultimately known as the "1990 Demo Tape".
1990 - Kevin & Rae begin recording together as Fear Of Blue. Roughly 11 tracks were recorded.
1990 - Kevin moves back to Lakewood & gets Broken Man back together. Plays 2 shows.
1990 - Kevin also plays a few shows as Lucky Pierre.
1990 - Butterfield 8's "Euclid Ave" album released on Banana Records on CD & Cassette. Kevin produced two tracks, played keyboards on "Almost", and wrote & sings backing vocals on "I Feel Better".

1991 - Fear Of Blue's song "Fool's Gold" is released on the "Dr. Death's Volume V: Hearts Lust In Limbo" compilation on C'Est La Mort records. Compilation is issued on CD & Cassette.
1991 - Kevin moves back to California.
1991 - Kevin records 4 demos with Trent Reznor at the Sharon Tate house. Project name not yet chosen, but "prick" is written on the recordings produced from the session.

1993 - Kevin moves to London to start recording again for the Prick project with Warne Livesey. He recruits Chris Schleyer (Guitar) & Andy Kubiszewski (Drums). Allegedly 8 songs were recorded.

1994 - Kevin moves to Los Angeles.
1994 - 10 tracks are decided upon for the album, including 6 from the Warne Livesey sessions & all 4 demos from the Trent Reznor sessions. It's decided to not re-record the demos, as they fit in sonically with the rest of the album.
1994 - Kevin assembles a band for the Prick project, now called Riverhead: Chris Schleyer (Guitar), Sebastien Monney (Bass), Sean Furlong (Drums), Brian Kehew (Keyboards) & Kevin.
1994 - Riverhead plays local, low profile shows around LA.
1994 - Brian Kehew leaves Riverhead and is replaced by Paul Russler.
1994 - Riverhead is dropped and Prick is chosen as the name for the new project.
1994 - Promo cassettes of the unfinished album are issued by Nothing Records to radio & other promotional outlets.
1994 - Prick's "Communique" vinyl 7" single is released on Nothing Records.

1995 - January 25th, Prick's "Self Titled" album is released on Nothing Records on CD & Cassette.
1995 - Video for "Animal" is recorded.
1995 - Kevin interviews with huH Magazine, mentions that the band Prick was almost called "Sic".
1995 - Prick joins The Sextasy Ball Tour with Lords Of Acid & My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, but does not complete the entire tour due to artistic differences.
1995 - Sean Furlong & Paul Russler leave Prick and are replaced by Garret Hammond (Drums) and Dave Ogilvie (Live Programming).
1995 - Prick joins the Nine Inch Nails/David Bowie tour as the opening act from September 10th thru October 31st.

1996 - Kevin re-enters the studio to begin working on a second Prick album, rumored to have been titled "Numb".
1996 - Kevin plays guitar as a member of Nine Inch Nails for the Night Of Nothing on September 5th @ Irving Plaza in NYC. The band played a selelction of NIN tracks, as well as the Prick songs "Tough" and "Animal".
1996 - Nothing's parent label listens to new Prick material, doesn't agree with the sound direction, and the great stalemate ensues.

1997 - Absolutely nothing is heard of from the Prick camp. It is assumed the band as it was up to this point has been completely disbanded, with the exception of Kevin. Kevin engages in a lawsuit with his label to regain the rights to roughly 25 songs recorded after the release of Prick's Debut album. During this time, Kevin is also recording new material with Garret Hammond and has washed his hands of major labels, and labels in general.
1997 - Becky Barksdale's "Satisfy Me" is featured on the "House Of Blues: Essential Women In Blues" Compilation, released on CD by the House Of Blue's own label. The song, "Satisfy Me", was written by Kevin.

1998 - Becky Barksdale's "Real Live" CD-R is released on Spinout Records. The tracks "Satisfy Me" and "Fun" were both written by Kevin.
1998 - Kevin's lawsuit & hiatus continues.

1999 - Brian McMahon's "Yeah" EP is released on Crabpot Records on CD. Kevin performs on & produces the EP under the name "Numb Stuggles" to avoid issues from his label, whom he is still engaged in a lawsuit with. The nickname came from the fact that the second album, "Numb", was "Struggling" to be released/freed.
1999 - Kevin's lawsuit & hiatus continues.

2000 - Kevin's lawsuit comes to some type of agreement/settlement. Exact details are unknown.Kevin also joined up with The Holy Cows and played a few Broken Man tracks.
2000 - December, a new Prick track, "Wet Cat", emerges out of nowhere on as a 128kbps MP3 file. Stylistically, "Wet Cat" is a departure from the sound heard on Prick's Self Titled album.

2001 - February, another new Prick track, "I Know It's Gonna Hurt", appears on Prick's page as a 128kbps MP3 file.
2001 - goes under, and Prick is again sent to the shadows. Fans wonder if Prick will ever be heard from again.
2001 - The song "Cloud" is sent to the admin of as a 128kbps MP3 file, and is then made available for download to it's forum users. No band name is associated with the track, but it is clearly a Kevin product.
2001 - December, Kevin performs at Edgarfest, a tribute show to Wild Giraffes member Edgar Reynolds who had recently passed. Kevin performed a few Lucky Pierre tracks.
2001 - launches.

2002 - launches. The site makes mention of previously unheard of projects Master Cherry & The Struggles.
2002 - February, Prick's "The Wreckard" album is released on the Lucky Pierre Music label on CD, and made available for sale exclusively through The first 100 CDs sold were signed by Kevin. The album featured both "Wet Cat" and "I Know It's Gonna Hurt", but did not feature "Cloud", leading to some debate on what project the song belonged to.
2002 - Kevin interviews with, where he reveals that The Struggles is a friends project he was recently involved in where he played Drums. Nothing else is known to date on the project.
2002 - Kevin assembles a new version of Prick: Tom Lash (Bass), Greg Zydyk (Guitar), Andy Kubiszewski (Drums, Live Programming) & Kevin.
2002 - Prick plays it's first show in 7 years @ the Odeon in Ohio on December 27th.
2002 - "An Evening Of Lucky Pierre Music." Kevin plays a double acoustic set at The Phantasy Theatre on December 29th. Many band members from his past & present join him on stage throughout the evening.

2003 - Prick launches a 7 show tour to support The Wreckard, starting on March 29th in Chicago and ending on June 7th in Buffalo, NY.
2003 - Prick is put on hiatus.
2003 - Kevin puts together a new group, The Peppermen, for a one off gig at The Symposium on December 26th. The band consists of Paul Kompier (Bass), Rick Christyson (Guitar), Dave Zima (Drums) & Kevin.

2004 - Lucky Pierre's "ThinKing" album is released by Lucky Pierre Music on CD and sold exclusively at The album features "Cloud", which put to rest the discussion on what project the song belonged to.
2004 - The Monitors' "Self Titled" CD-R compilation is released by Nelson Yandura on Boo-Wit Records. This compilation features all of the tracks from The Monitors recording sessions with Kevin.

2007 - July, Andy Kubiszewski flies to CLE to play drums on an undisclosed Kevin project. First sign in 3 years that Kevin is working on new material.

2008 - October 28th, new track "Runaway Brain" from new Kevin project "( sic )" is debuted on as a free V0 MP3 download from 10/28 till 11/1. Over 2400 downloads take place in the short 3 day time frame, followed by many requests for the song on various internet forums.



197X - Kevin travels to San Francisco for the first time to try to promote his music and obtain a record deal. Rest of the band waits for his return in Cleveland.

197X - Lucky Pierre hire Don Conte as manager.

197X - Lucky Pierre fire Don Conte, replace him with Mike Harris.

198X - Mike Harris departs as Lucky Pierre's Manager. John Malm Jr. is hired as his replacement.

19XX - Kevin moves to France, spends time playing as a street entertainer.

19XX - Kevin moves to Ireland, plays in a band there.

I'm also going to go through the site, and the internet, and find references for all of these events if possible, so if you have a new event to add, a reference to go with it would be much appreciated. Also, I want to keep rumors out of the timeline, but I "may" let them in based on their significance.

Looking forward to what you guys have to say!


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