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May '09 SOTM: Animal (Read 2911 times)


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May '09 SOTM: Animal
05/03/09 at 01:08:01
With the announcement of new or maybe old (let's just say more) material somewhere on the horizon, I figure it's time to rekindle the SOTM. If you're new to the boards or maybe haven't really looked into inactive threads, the song of the month is a random song by Kevin McMahon offered up for a monthly discussion. Just log in and give some input whether it be likes, dislikes, lyrical analysis, discussion on song structure, memories attatched, any stray thought really. Simple.
I'm lobbing "Animal" at everyone this month because it is obvious that a lot of the previous offerings were unfortunately obscure to a lot of people (hopefully that problem will lessen soon). Animal has the distinction of being the only Prick single to have an official video which was pretty impossible to find until some thoughtfull fans started circulating it around the web (Youtube, Myspace etc.). It's featured in the Night of Nothing setlist which was probably a hundred times worse to find until it received the same treatment. There must be some bootlegs floating around since it was a concert staple. Hell, it may still be on radio rotation somewhere in the world. Bluntly put, there are some pretty easy avenues to track this one down if you haven't heard it although I'd be likely as interested to hear how you got here if that's the case.
So let's kill some time...
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Re: May '09 SOTM: Animal
Reply #1 - 05/05/09 at 16:20:57
Excellent song...  I like how the lyrics seem to have have several meanings (anti-fur/addiction/sexual obsession/etc?).
I actually remember hearing that track on the hard rock station here in Minnesota.  I really like Kevin's voice on the track...  it sounds different than all the other tracks on the album...  very raspy during the chorus.  I think some of the layers of percussion are pretty interesting (it sounds like a regular drum set until you start listening to the loops) and the guitars definitely falls into the "wall of sound" thing...  IMO - "Beginning" on ThinKing has the same sorta feel in that regard.
However - I do think it's probably the most "dated" song on the PRICK album...  I don't know if it's because of the video and a "mental time stamp" in my mind or because the track's production was geared towards the mid-90s industrial thing...  Really it's the only track on the PRICK album that could rub shoulders with Stabbing Westward or Gravity Kills...  (No offense to Andy Kubiszewski if you visit this board...  just sayin' it sounds a little more "stock" than the rest of the PRICK album).  Others' opinions?
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