9.10.08, 6:59pm
Help Us With Some Projects We're Working On!

Right now, we're working on two projects to organize information/add more information to the site...

1) The Kevin McMahon Timeline: Trying to put together a list of all the major events related to Kevin in a linear fashion. We've got the bulk of it done (we think), but we can certainly use help finding new information & correcting information we have. You can see the timeline & discuss/contribute to it HERE.

2) The Kevin Projects Roster... Project: Trying to put together all the various lineups over the years of Kevin's main projects. Again, we've got the bulk of it done, but we can certainly use your help. You can see what we've got and discuss/contribute to it HERE.

It's about time we had something interactive going on around here! We hope you'll all join in and help!

- Rob
The luckyPRICK team.

hey guys I followed you around in the 70's drop me a line im not Dermit .Lakewood after hours............
By Bryon moore, 9.18.08 8:22pm