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From Robert Perez Jr.'s Website:

From 1989 to 1992, Kevin McMahon kept a low profile living in Los Angeles but continued to write songs. It was estimated that Kevin wrote over 500 songs, but no one knows for sure, it could be more. He stayed in contact with Reznor, while Nine Inch Nails started its rise to stardom. Kevin would watch his long time friend make his mark and secure his niche in the music industry. During this time Reznor and John Malm, Jr. Would set up Nothing records. Kevin fine tuned his style and songs that would eventually spawn the musical creation known as Prick.

Reznor received tapes from Kevin showing his friend what new musical adventure he was preparing, at the same time Reznor was busy making preparations for his own come back of sorts, The Downward Spiral.

Kevin and Reznor would started working on demos in California and in New Orleans which basically was the start of the first incarnation of Prick. Four songs were recorded and were put aside as demos for the new album using song from the 1988 Communiqué EP. Reznor's extra time disappeared and Kevin started looking for a producer to help finish the work started. Kevin would chose Warne Livesey to work with, so off to England he went. In 1993, McMahon got a group of musicians together and with Livesey, the second incarnation of Prick was formed. The group consisted of Kevin McMahon-guitars & vocals, Chris Schleyer-lead guitar and Andy Kubiszewski (Exotic Birds and Stabbing Westward)-drums.

They recorded eight songs with only six appearing on the eventual self titled Prick CD. Kevin's contract was sold to Nothing Records from Interscope. The green light was given but after reviewing the effort, Reznor and Kevin thought about going back into the studio. Time was becoming a factor so to speed the release of the long delayed project, the demos were put on the album and 2 songs were removed. The songs that were added were Communiqué, Other People, Tough, and No Fair Fights. Even though these songs were pretty much demos, they fit in nicely.

In late 94, Kevin put a live band together and gave them a tape that had the set list of songs they would play. (Kevin McMahon-guitar & vocals, Chris Schleyer-lead guitar, Sebastien Monney-bass, Brian Kehew-keyboards and Sean Furlong-drums) The third incarnation of Prick would be called RIVERHEAD. The band played area clubs in Los Angeles, fine tuning their sound. No one knew when they played or who they were. Small, unannounced club shows under the fake name Riverhead so that Interscope/Nothing people wouldn't know about it. Kehew would eventually leave the band after 3 shows not agreeing with various things, eventually he became half of Moog Cookbook. Paul Roessler would be brought in as keyboardist. The name Riverhead was dropped and Prick released a 7-inch single of Communiqué. The single included Crack on the b-side and the full length Prick recording was finally released on January 25, 1995.

The fourth incarnation of Prick lasted from late 1994 to early 1995. (Kevin-guitar & vocals, Schleyer-lead guitar, Monney-bass, Sean Furlong drums, and Paul Roessler keyboards) Highlights included the Animal video, SXSW in Austin, and Sextacy Ball Tour. Problems arose and the drummer and keyboardist were fired. Sean Furlong and Paul Roessler were let go by Trent Reznor after a performance at Tippitinas in New Orleans "during the Neds atomic tour. Trent had Prick finish the remainder of the tour and then had them go to New Orleans to put all of their Keys stuff on tape, hired Dave Ogilvie for sound, and audition new drummers that could actually play to a click track... that was the best thing for the band, dropping from 5 to 4 piece, after that it smoked... Garrett Hammond was chosen fro drums after auditioning, he was a college friend of Chris Schleyer.

The fifth incarnation of Prick started in the spring of 1995 and continued through the spring of 1996. The lineup added Gary Hammond-drums, and Dave Rave Ogilvie-sound. Highlight was the opening spot on the Outside Tour. After the tour Kevin disappeared. Kevin was later seen as a special guest guitarist for Nine Inch Nails in late 1996. With NIN backing, Kevin preformed Animal and Tough. After the Night Of Nothing show, he vanished again.

From 1996-2000, Kevin has been recording in various locations from England, the states and secret location in Ohio. Drummer Gary Hammond has been working with him on a lot of the material. Rumors of this time period range from a falling out with Nothing Records because of the demos Kevin was producing at the time to just taking an extended break. Starting in 1996, the Wreckard started taking shape. (a clean up of this era is coming soon)

In the winter of 2000-2001 two new tracks were posted on "Wet Cat" and "I Know It's Going to Hurt" with Gary Hammond and Kevin McMahon in the credits. Some reused artwork of a screaming face was also posted, very similar to artwork we have seen before from Von Golling from earlier Lucky Pierre ads. The next incarnation of Prick was around the corner.

At the end of February 2002, The Wreckard was released coming as a surprise to many, but this was a calculated attack. The websites were secured and product prepared. Nothing happens by accident. The website open along with Lucky Pierre Music selling the new Prick release and product. The future has many plans in store for us all that is for sure.