10.6.08, 4:26pm
Some Recent Updates & A Big Discovery!

In our search for everything related to Kevin, we finally got a copy of the huH Magazine that features his interview from 1995. We've scanned in the page (which included a color picture of the band that I've never seen before) and uploaded it to the site.

We also got a couple of new pictures of Kevin, as well as some of the related projects (Exotic Birds, System 56, Brian McMahon). Those have been uploaded to their respective sections.

Now, the big recent discovery... Broken Man recorded in a studio, and there exists a cassette of the recording! Paul Kompier wrote in to let us know about the cassette, which was apparently used to secure gigs. We've added it to the Broken Man section of the site with all the current information we have on it. If Paul sends over scans of the cassette, we'll be sure to add them.

- Rob
The luckyPRICK team.

Awesome find... see that's why I like this site. Ya find one little thing and it gets me all excited about Kevin's music again... I hope the tape makes its way "out there" somehow.
By Todd, 10.6.08 7:12pm