5.1.07, 1:37pm

Welcome to luckyPRICK, a website devoted to everything Kevin McMahon and then some! On these pages you'll find all kinds of goodies, from magazine articles, to promo materials and beyond!

In our 1st stage we've only activated the immediate, directly Kevin related projects (i.e. the ones you see on the menu above). We've put as much content for these artists in their sections as we had available. We hope you enjoy it!

In our next stage (hopefully not too far off), we'll open up the Related Projects and you'll be able to explore the bands of Tom Lash, Dave Zima, Denis DeVito, Andy Kubiszewski and more!

Our first featured interview, which is up for your viewing pleasure, is a brief Q&A with Producer, Engineer & Fear Of Blue co-founder Rae DiLeo. He took some time out of his very busy schedule to answer some questions for us on what exactly Fear of Blue was all about. You can find it in the Fear Of Blue section.

Also, I'd like to stress that we've created this website as for the fans, by the fans. We strongly encourage all of you to share your Reviews, Pictures, etc. with us & the rest of the fan community.

That's all for now. Be sure to let us know what you think & leave some comments!

- Rob
The luckyPRICK team.

Thanks for inspiring me back in the 90's. Good job!
By Emily K Robida, 8.29.15 6:02pm
By STILLBIRTH, 5.3.07 8:17pm
Really well done, guys. I'll be on the lookout for interesting tidbits to submit about the guy I like to affectionately refer to as the "musical hermit".
By Moonmadness, 5.3.07 5:40pm
very nice site guys
By dicklaurent, 5.2.07 3:56pm
Thank God you guys are here. Will be watching. KEEP IT UP!!! Site looks great.
By Mike Stanton, 5.2.07 2:51am
Looks great! Keep it up people.
By PimPamPet, 5.2.07 1:38am
i'm loving the site! looks great :)
By adicktion, 5.1.07 4:49pm
Great job on the site, it looks fantastic. Something like this was long overdue. Now maybe Kevin will come out of hiding?
By azroth, 5.1.07 4:25pm
God damn it it's good to see a musician of Kevin's quality perservering through so many changes. I'm glad there is more on the horizon! Looking forward to it! Great site, BTW! :)
By Chris Kallman, 5.1.07 4:12pm