11.1.08, 7:33pm
( sic ) Debut A Roaring Success. Thank You All.

A huge thank you to all the 2450 odd who downloaded Runaway Brain over the last three days. We are truly overwhelmed by the response to Kevin's come-back. It's really great to know that so many of you were out there waiting just like us for this moment. Suffice to say it has redoubled our efforts to provide you with an up-to-date and top quality resource here at luckyPRICK.net.

For those of you who missed the opportunity to download the new ( sic ) track, please by all means sign-up to our forum and message any number of the fans there in for the hook-up. I'm sure they'd be more than happy to oblige.

Once again, to be sure you don't miss out on an exclusive like this from us, be sure to sign-up for our mailing list. To wit, we're sure some of you noticed the tag in the mp3 file that suggested there may well be more from Kevin very soon. Just know the moment we know more, you will too.

- Caspar
The luckyPRICK team.

Just WOW, man. This is going to be great! I really hope there's a tour of some sort involved with this too, 'cause I'm there.
By Chris Kallman, 11.21.08 11:15pm
This song ROCKS ... Cannot wait to hear more from Kevin. Thanks for the update and keep us posted when you hear anything!! 2009 could be a great year for PRICK/(sic) fans everywhere
By maKo, 11.4.08 5:20pm