9.26.09, 11:53pm
New LPM Music Packages & Free Download. New luckyPRICK Twitter & Important Forum Announcement.

1st and foremost, Lucky Pierre Music has announced a new Music Pakcage. Due to overwhelming fan response, they've made a package that includes the ( sic ), Fear Of Blue, Lucky Pierre Compilation & Prick Live CDs for $40. The package also includes 3 different Lucky Pierre Music stickers. You can pick up this package HERE.

2nd, Lucky Pierre music has made available another Free download. This time, it's "Suga-Bell-Rina" by ( sic ) (gotta love Kevin always playing around with words). You can get the new free download HERE.

3rd, in an attempt to bring news as fast as possible to all of the fans, luckyPRICK has started a Twitter account. You can see what we've written & become a follower HERE.

And 4th, due to a high amount of spam-bots invading the forum, we're going to delete all zero post users on 9/30/2009. If you've signed up on our forum, but have remained a lurker, we suggest you log in and make a very quick introductory post in our "Introduce Yourself" thread. If you don't do so by 9/30, you will be deleted. On the up side, though, you can always re-register if you happen to miss the deadline. Yes, we know this method stinks, and we are in the process of implementing better defenses against spam-bots, but in the interim, I'm afraid this is the best method we have to weed them out.

- Rob
The luckyPRICK team.