5.7.07, 2:03pm
New Articles & Pictures Added

Huge thanks to Barb for supplying us with some great Lucky Pierre magazine articles from the early 80's! We've transcribed them and added them to the site, as well as the article scans themselves. There was also a short interview with Kevin McMahon from 96 that's been added to the Prick section.

Also, huge thanks to Robert Cherry, who dug into his archives and was able to pull out 4 pictures of Lucky Pierre performing live at the original Pirate's Cove circa 80/81.

And lastly, thanks to everyone who's contacted us so far with corrections & other pieces of information. It's great to see so many fans chipping in to this project.

- Rob
The luckyPRICK team.

Greetings, I was the roadie,soundman and sometimes the luckiest pierre. I've got some info and photos I am looking for.I was around them from 79'-80' until 84'-85'.
By Greg Kudlaty, 11.7.08 12:51am