5.8.07, 2:48pm
We've Been Dugg

One of our readers, Dadothree, has very kindly posted our existence on digg.com and so far we have 6 people diggin' us. If you're feeling like this is a bad thing, by all means head on over and push us up the ladder:

Digg luckyPRICK.net


- Caspar
The luckyPRICK team.

I love this siteā€¦. I have the unfortunate past of finding out about Kevin too little to late 2002 is when I personally discovered his work and have purchased all his albums and jam them constantly for myself and friends. I hope to hear more work from him but This site is sweet in that more and more people will hopefully hear his work and obviously love it.

By Benjamin Grieve, 5.21.07 6:55pm
Great site. Finally, other people who enjoy Kevin McMahon's work. It's rare, it's hard to find, and I'm desperately hoping he comes out with new matieral. I've enjoyed all of his albums, and would love to see more.
By Tadrith, 5.19.07 8:15am