7.25.12, 9:58pm
Greg Kudlatey

Our deepest sympathy goes out to the family & friends of Greg Kudlatey. Greg was a long time roadie for and friend of the Lucky Pierre crew, as well as a one time member of Cats On Holiday. He passed away yesterday from a heart attack.

(Greg is center, wearing the brown jacket & Lucky Pierre t-shirt)

- Rob
The luckyPRICK team.

Thanks for the kind words, Roger and Rob. Greg was my cousin but more like a brother. I was 1 yr older and we grew up hundreds of yards apart. We spent most of our lives together. Months have passed since he left and I still miss him. Every now and then when the phone rings I have a second where I think it is Greg.

Besides all that, the stories I could share about Gregs role with the band. God, he was a funny guy.

By dave zima, 3.24.13 11:00pm
Thank you for sharing your thoughts/insight, Roger. It certainly sounds like Greg was a wonderful person who will truly be missed.
By Rob, 9.5.12 8:57pm
It bothers me that no one has said anything about Greg...I didn't know him that well but I did spend quite some time with him...the great Zima knew him well I think...and every time Greg and I were together we were usually hammered beyond belief...but a few things stand out in my memory...I used to say to his great amusement that his voice sounded like 17 ID bracelets...he was always really behind Kevin's music...for that matter always encouraging about my stuff...he had a look in his eye when I was mulling something to do for the band like "why not?" with a certain confidence I actually never resisted..he always seemed very Pro about the stagetech before a lucky Pierre performance, that everything was going to be great...he himself was a natural musician, sitting in any situation it seemed, talenting, charming...and then there was the dark side I guess, not towards anyone else...many more memories that I can't get into.. but I miss him, and too bad it didn't keeping going, too bad for us.

By R. von Golling, 8.22.12 1:58am