12.11.12, 10:26pm
Happy Holidays From Lucky Pierre Music!

Lucky Pierre Music has sent over a video for “Fire On The Red Line” from “Poortraits Of ThinKing” for us to present to you as a special preview treat during the holiday season. The video comes in two flavors: WITH SUBTITLES and WITHOUT SUBTITLES (I must admit, it's quite nice to sing along with Kevin!). So, get clickin' and be sure to tell your friends!

Thanks, of course, go out to the great people at LPM for making this possible. If you get the opportunity, be sure to show them some love.

See you all in 2013!

- Rob
The luckyPRICK team.

any idea when the site will be back online?
i'm dying to give him more money!!
By nando x, 3.19.13 3:24am
Thanks for sharing. It's good to see a sign of life.
By Wes, 1.26.13 7:50am
very pleased to see luckypierremusic.com updated with this video. Sign of things to come? Let's hope.
By resurrected21, 12.22.12 4:34am
I'm already addicted to it. I can't wait for more! I've loved him since I was 12 years old. Thanks so much for sharing!
By Matthew, 12.15.12 5:42am
Fire on the Red Line sounds great. Hope this means we can look forward to the LPM site coming back sometime soon.
By Tarnia, 12.15.12 3:47am
Wonderful!!! Thanks for the holiday surprise!!! Getting our hopes up again... can't wait to see/hear "Poortraits"!!! Great track...
By Todd, 12.12.12 1:36pm