8.21.17, 8:51pm

As most of you are probably aware, Universal has reissued the 1995 debut PRICK album on vinyl. The black vinyl edition is available from online retailers like Sound Stage Direct and Amazon. A limited edition color vinyl pressing was issued, but quickly sold out.

I do want to make absolutely clear that we have not spoken to Kevin directly or received any comments directly from Kevin/LPM about this record.

We would have posted about this sooner, but we were waiting to see if it was going to be a real thing (I have copies in hand... it exists) and if there would be a version of the record being sold by LPM directly. We have since been made aware through reliable sources that Kevin had no involvement in the vinyl reissue. Best we can now put together, the whole thing was done without his knowledge or input/approval. Hopefully, he is at least being fairly compensated for the pressing(s).

Still no word from LPM about any new upcoming releases, but we're still here, we still care, and we'll be ready to sound the alarm when the time comes.

I'd usually sign off wishing everyone well, but it's 2017 America, so I'll leave you with a "RESIST!" (I think Kevin would approve).

- Rob
The luckyPRICK team.

I don’t know if this helps or changes anything, but shortly after the reissue started appearing in listings on Amazon (though mysteriously unavailable except from re-sellers) it was announced on the NIN site/store (on limited red vinyl). It was then almost immediately shown as sold out and returned a couple of weeks later with a choice of black or red.
May still be available.
By Eric Boehm, 10.7.17 5:24pm