7.10.07, 5:27pm
New Sections Unleashed / luckyPRICK Interview With Andy Kubiszewski!

After much hard work, we've opened up all of the Related Projects on the website. Not every section is 100% completed, though, as we're still working on a few Bios and things of that nature, but we've got enough there to keep you entertained for a while. Why not participate and help us fill in the blanks? We'd love it if you would.

In addition, Andy Kubiszewski was kind enough to take time out of his busy work schedule to talk to us about Exotic Birds, The Pyramid Club & working with Kevin, his TV/Film scores, and the mysterious person who keeps his Wikipedia entries up to date! Check it out over in the Exotic Birds section.

Also, luckyPRICK.net has added another new & exciting section... a Store! Right now, the Store is making available 100% Authorized & Legal downloads from Hot Tin Roof, Cats On Holiday & the Monitors. There'll be more music to come (just as soon as we secure authorization to sell it). If there's any artist on here you want us to offer music from, go to the Contact Page and let us know! Your requests/demands could help us get authorization.

Lastly, due to popular demand, we've added a Mailing List. Go ahead and sign up to receive all the luckyPRICK news & updates directly in your inbox.

As always, if you have any additions/corrections, do let us know.


- Rob
The luckyPRICK team.

Nice update. What are the chances of having old LP records sold over this as well?
By Out, 7.13.07 4:25pm
Love the site and updates. Thanks for keeping us informed. Hope we get to see new material from Kevin soon.
By Will, 7.13.07 6:07am
What a fantastic addition to the site. Good to see LP is still going strong.
By Jay, 7.10.07 9:58pm