7.17.07, 1:23pm
Andy Kubiszewski In CLE / New Additions To The Site

We have word that Andy Kubiszewski has recently (last week!) traveled to CLE to lay down some drums for an undisclosed Kevin McMahon project.

Could this be new Prick? New Lucky Pierre? Some project we've never heard of before? Certainly, something is happening in CLE. Let's just hope we get to find out what it is, and sooner than later!

Also, Paul Kompier (The Holy Cows, Broken Man) has hooked us up with some additional Holy Cows photos, as well as some Broken Man live & backstage photos and a Broken Man Setlist! Go check those out in their respective sections.

Lastly, we've been collecting old CLE local newspapers and such for clippings & live show information on all the artists on the site. We've been very lucky and have had a fair amount of success. Check out the "Shows" sections for our artists to find additional shows listed, as well as scans of newspaper advertisements, etc., related to those shows.

- Rob
The luckyPRICK team.

I am pleased that these guys are still making music.
By GREG LESAR, 7.19.07 7:09pm
Awesome... Fantastic news about Andy!!!
By Todd, 7.17.07 8:36pm