10.28.08, 8:50pm
Kevin McMahon Is Back! : "PRICK" or Treat.

Yes, you read that right. Kevin McMahon is back with a new project called "( sic )", and a blistering new politically charged song, which we have the absolute honor of debuting for all of you as a special treat for Halloween from the guys over at LPM!

The download is only available for a limited time (Midnight, 11/01/2008, EST), so act FAST & tell EVERYONE you know!

Download ( sic ) - "Runaway Brain" MP3 (9.5MB)

Discuss the new track HERE. We really wanna know what you all think!

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- Rob
The luckyPRICK team.

Shit. Missed out on this. Why only until Nov 1st?
By PimPamPet, 11.4.08 10:08pm
Awesome! I knew there'd be more from Kevin!
By Christopher Jon, 10.31.08 4:54pm
Keeps stopping before I finish downloading it...

By Scott, 10.31.08 4:51am
This is very exciting. I can't wait to get an album :D
By Justin, 10.31.08 3:22am
I really like the song a lot. It's pretty great. I'm so happy to see some new work! Keep it up, Kevin.
By Nick, 10.30.08 1:36am
completely awsome, hoping for an album soon!
By brad, 10.29.08 5:35pm
"Sic", huh? Looks like we're gonna have to make up one more band tab! Fantastic news... nice work guys for getting a chance to debut the song... Thanks Kevin! Awesomeness! Welcome back!
By Todd, 10.29.08 1:41pm
Wow. I really enjoyed that! Are there more songs coming? Pleeeease?!
By nothing_void, 10.29.08 1:37pm
Great to see.. really great. I thought he may have gone into retirement!
By rockstar, 10.29.08 5:16am
hey - seems to be working for most people. try again after a hard refresh. we just adjusted something that might make it work better for you.
By caspar, 10.28.08 9:29pm
btw *squeal!* I AM SO EXCITED!
By peejay, 10.28.08 9:20pm
I can't seem to download it. It gets to 162kb and stops. Any thoughts?
By peejay, 10.28.08 9:19pm