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By Mary Burzynski:

Brian McMahon was a founding member and songwriter for the legendary proto- punk art band, The Electric Eels.

The Eels left a searing legacy and since their implosion, the Eels have continued to worked independently with geography acting successfully as the natural buffer. In the years between the Eels and 1996, when Brian released his first solo CD, 17 Volts, he continued to be involved with the creation and exploration of music. Volts signaled a return to his roots, an Inch released in 1997 was a continuation on that theme and Yeah, his new release is a culmination of the whole process.

Brian describes himself as a songwriter, simply and without adjective. I think he likes it because it's quick, easy to remember, and guaranteed to kill small talk with strangers. For those fortunate enough to hear his music the fullness of his talent is revealed, as a musician, lyricist and a singer gifted with a fragile yet evocative voice.

His music is the the sum of an interesting life, with one foot firmly planted in the garage, the other grounded in his love of classic British Invasion Pop Music. His lyrics reflect an affinity with black humor and theater and a taste for psychotronic movies. His take on life remains a quizzical blend of the dark side and the skewed optimism of the forever young, which also fueled his work with the Electric Eels.